• The Riello Elettronica Group, part of the Riello Industries group, represents an Italian model for a global company. The Riello UPS brand is now a world leader in the uninterruptible power supplies market.

    Riello UPS manufactures efficient  solutions that ensure power quality and business continuity, guaranteeing power supply and the  correct operation of systems even in the event of critical situations.

    Riello UPS is constantly implementing new solutions into its products that are aimed at reducing power consumption by increasing efficiency, actively participating in the promotion of sustainable development. To this end the company also sets up environmental projects and makes large investments in the development of new technologies for harvesting clean and renewable energy sources. Riello UPS 's social commitment aims to help the present as well as shape a bright future, combining the inevitable need for energy with environmental protection. The environmental management system employed by Riello UPS is ISO14001 certified.

    Riello UPS has always been a strong supporter of the Code of Conduct on Energy Efficiency and Quality of AC Uninterruptible Power Systems, a document signed by the major European manufacturers of UPS addressed to the European Commission.

    It sets out the energy efficiency targets for power ranges from 300 VA to >200 kVA, from 25% to 100% loads. Riello UPS is also the first European  Manufacturer to identify its products in terms of ECO energy efficiency ratings.

  • Legrand Group – the global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures.

    Present in more than 80 countries with a total workforce of over 36,000, Legrand reported 2014 sales of €4.5 billion.

    Legrand offers a comprehensive range of products and solutions operating as systems tailored to commercial, residential and industrial markets—respectively 49%, 44% and 7% of the Group's 2014 sales. From control and connection interfaces to cable management, power distribution and voice-data-image (VDI) systems distribution, Legrand provides a host of solutions designed to manage lighting, energy, networks and building access. The Legrand catalog features a wide choice of over 215,000 products in 81 product families.

    Operating globally, Legrand holds leading positions in markets including France, Italy and the United States, as well in new economies such as Brazil, China, India and Russia. In 2014, 68% of sales came from products ranked first or second in their markets.

    UPS Legrand - reliable solution for guaranteed power supply systems.

    "Remod Company" - Legrand group`s official service partner in Republic of Belarus.

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